English TIPS Week 24

Hi fellow travelers ! How have you been? Today we have a different and very interesting activity: Please watch the video, and after that, check in the text what you’ve heard. video: Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy During Flight From Ghana To US (1) Flying over the Atlantic at […]

English TIPS Week 23

Hello fellow travelers !  Can you describe your work environment? your work place, the people (colleagues, bosses, peers…) the facilities (air conditioning, computers, changing room…) the atmosphere (tense, formal, relaxed, laid back, informal…) Example: I work in an open office there are about 20 of us the facilities are pretty good, we have […]

English TIPS Week 22

Hi fellow travelers! Let’s continue talking about our job:        WORK You use the progressive -ing form of work to talk about a temporary job. For example, if you say ‘I’m working in Manaus’, this suggests that the situation is temporary and you may soon move. And simple forms […]

English TIPS Week 21

O DECEA recebeu a visita de oficiais de Nações Amigas (ONA), nesta última terça-feira, 30 de maio. Os oficiais eram representantes de sete países: Estados Unidos, Canadá, Índia, Chile, África do Sul, Argentina e Peru. A visita teve o objetivo de mostrar as atividades e a respectiva missão das organizações […]

English TIPS Week 20

Hi Fellow Travelers! Did you miss the TIPS? I hope so! Let’s talk about the three more  DIRTY DOZEN: Pressure – We may come under pressure from the Company, from clients and even our colleagues. However, one of the most common sources of pressure is ourselves. We put pressure on ourselves by […]

English TIPS Week 19

Hello Fellow Travelers! How was your Holiday ? THE DIRTY DOZEN: Lack of … Lack of … means deficiency or absence of something needed.   Lack of Teamwork – When someone is not contributing to the team effort.   Lack of Awareness – A partial view, it’s an attitude of […]

English TIPS Week 18

Hello fellow travelers! How are you doing on this rainy day? Complacency  is one of the Dirty Dozen that we’re going to talk about today, it can be described as a feeling of self-satisfaction accompanied by a loss of awareness (when you don’t know about it) of potential dangers.   […]

English TIPS Week 17

Hi Fellow Travelers! Let’s continue talking about the dirty dozen: STRESS is one of the Dirty Dozen human error precursors that can lead to mistakes in the workplace. Some early visible signs of stress include:   changes in personality and moods   ,   lack (absence) of concentration,   poor memory,   difficulty in sleeping and   […]

English TIPS Week 16

Haisait, How are you doing? Here is this week’s material! Feel free to talk to us about it! Gutbai, ——— THE DIRTY DOZEN: Lack of communication——— Effective communication is essential to prevent mistakes in the workplace. Lack of communication is a crucial human error precursor in Dirty Dozen. Direct translation can […]

English TIPS Week 15

Haisait, How are you doing? Here is this week’s material! Feel free to talk to us about it! Gutbai,   Lack of knowledge is one of the Dirty Dozen human error precursors that can lead to mistakes in the workplace. In particular, mispronunciation due to a poor understanding of English pronunciation […]

English TIPS Week 14

Kia ora, How are you doing? Here is this week’s material! Feel free to talk to us about it! Tēnā koe, Today’s English Tips will discuss “The Dirty Dozen”, which refers to twelve common human error preconditions that can lead to accidents or incidents. Developed by Gordon Dupont in 1993, it […]

English TIPS Week 13

Dear fellow travelers, Today we’re going to see some non-formal expressions with the verb Let: Deixa eu pensar                                         Let me think Deixa eu fazer                                            Let me do it     Deixa eu tentar                                          Let me try Deixa eu explicar                                       Let me explain Deixa eu te perguntar                              Let me ask you Deixa eu dormir                                        Let me sleep Deixa […]

English TIPS Week 12

Hi Fellow Travelers!   Today we’re going to talk about Drones, as a friend of ours suggested.   Did you hear about this incident that happened on Tuesday (March 14th)?     “Russian fighter jet forces down (to make a plane land) US drone over Black Sea”   “A Russian fighter jet struck (past of […]

English TIPS Week 11

Hello fellow travelers! Let’s remember one more thing about last week’s topic: Past Simple and Continuous Here we go… The order of the Past Simple and the Past continuous in the sentence does not matter – the meaning doesn’t change: I had a coffee while I was waiting for the […]

English TIPS Week 10

Hi there fellow travelers ! Today we’re “gonna” talk about the past simple and continuous,  Here we go…  We use the Past Simple to say that an event happened after another event.  I stopped working, and then I ate lunch. We watched TV after you rang.   They played tennis in the morning, and then he fell on his way home. We use the Past Continuous to say that an activity was in […]