English TIPS Week 10

Hi there fellow travelers !

Today we’re “gonna” talk about the past simple and continuous,

 Here we go…

 We use the Past Simple to say that an event happened after another event.

 stopped working, and then I ate lunch.

We watched TV after you rang

 They played tennis in the morning, and then he fell on his way home.

We use the Past Continuous to say that an activity was in progress at a certain time.

was working in the tower at 9 o’clock last night.

 We often use the Past Simple and the Past Continuous together to say that an event happened in the middle of an activity.

I ate lunch while I was working at my desk.

  • ring – rang = the act of making a phone call

  • I’ll give you a ring tomorrow.

  • often – frequently


Let’s continue next week, can you help me sending some examples that you can remember of this topic?

See you!


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