English TIPS Week 39

Hi fellow travelers ! Did you miss your English TIPS? So let’s get back to the game right away:                           The rules are the same: “BET” on the correct answer or on more than one if you are unsure, then check your total score. 20 points in each line – (total of 100) Question A B C D […]

English TIPS Week 38

Hello Fellow Travelers ! Choose the right word from the boxes to fill in the gaps: Let’s talk about the Forecasters working for the _______(1) community. Their main goal is to study and _______(2) the many and varied Meteorological _______(3) which, unfortunately, can prove hazardous to aviation. At the very _________(4), a meteorological […]

English TIPS Week 37

Hi fellow travelers, Halloween 2023 is finally upon us, and what better time would there be than today to explore some of the rather mysterious aspects of aviation? To celebrate the most frightening (scary) time of the year, match some spooky (buuh!) aviation questions to their pumpkin answers:     […]

English TIPS Week 36

Hello Fellow Travelers ! Let’s play some more Aviation Betting Game ! The rules are the same: “BET” on the correct answer or on more than one if you are unsure, then check your total score. 20 points in each line – (total of 100)  Question A B C D Score 1 2 3 4 5                               […]

English TIPS Week 35

                                    Hi Fellow Travelers !              Last week, I attended the GEIA – Aeronautical English Study Group.     This group’s main purpose is to research and improve the safety and operational                excellence of the international aviation communication. The following questions have been taken from GEIA’s workshop materials developed for […]

English TIPS Week 34

Hi fellow Travelers ! Let’s Play a game:                                               Listen to the audio again and try to identify the words. AFTER YOU FINISH, you can check your answers […]

English TIPS Week 33

Hello Fellow Travelers ! Listen to three people talking about their travel experiences. Then, choose which sentence was said by each speaker: (  3   ) “They seem to treat passengers like just another piece of luggage to be moved around the world.” (  1  ) “There are far too many […]

English TIPS Week 32

Hi Fellow Travelers ! Today we’re going to talk about traveling. What to know: When it comes to spelling the forms of the verb travel, traveled and traveling are more common in the U.S., and travelled and travelling are dominant everywhere else. So It might have a different spelling wherever you’re going.  Some interesting meanings of the word: […]

English TIPS Week 31

  Hi fellow Travelers ! Some words from the audio: clean and tidy maintenance engineers fan Cowlings intake inspecting / inspection bright light being installed lifting equipment computer screen diagnostic tests coloured lights inspect the turbine blades See you next week!

English TIPS Week 30

Hi fellow travelers! Here are some of this week’s news for you to search and learn more about: On August 23rd we celebrate Air Force’s stewardship day. Although they work most of the time “behind the scenes”, their job is very important and useful for the administration and security of […]

English TIPS Week 29

Hi Fellow Travelers ! Please watch the whole video and check the right order of the sentences below: It’s not the first time this has happened. A far less cute coyote alarmed pilots at Boston’s Logan Field two years ago. Looks like a coyote here dead center on the runway […]

English TIPS Week 28

Hi fellow travelers, this is an example of a made up story related to the picture above: One summer, my family and I were all packed and ready for our vacation to a beautiful tropical island. We arrived at the airport with excitement, looking forward to a week of sun, […]

English TIPS Week 27

Mornin’ fellow travelers ! How are you on this cloudy morning? Let’s watch an interesting video to warm your day ! After watching the video, first complete the sentences with the words from the box, then put them in order: (  ) ______, it’s Birdie at LaGuardia. (  ) Passengers […]

English TIPS Week 26

Hi fellow travelers ! How have you been? Today we have a listening activity: Please listen to the audio attached and judge whether the statements are either true or false.  The pilot requested priority to land. (   ) The passsenger is a female. (   ) The passenger seems to suffer from a lung desease. (   ) […]

English TIPS Week 25

    INVITATION LETTER          SANTOS DUMONT’S 150th BIRTHDAY !  Sunday, July 23rd // 9 AM  Ipanema Beach  Starting line:  Vieira Souto Street, 22 – In front of Saint Paul’s School  There will be a flight presentation of Smoke’s Squadron.  Hope you can join us ! See you at […]