English TIPS Week 38

Hello Fellow Travelers !

Choose the right word from the boxes to fill in the gaps:

Let’s talk about the Forecasters working for the _______(1) community.

Their main goal is to study and _______(2) the many and varied Meteorological _______(3) which, unfortunately, can prove hazardous to aviation.

At the very _________(4), a meteorological _________(5) can cause delays and thus reduce the efficiency of the aviation.

But they also lower the safety of air operations and, at their ______(6); they can cause the loss of equipment,

and more importantly the loss of life.

__________(7) is a major hazard for aviation especially when operating at low levels.

It can be defined as layers or columns of air, flowing with different velocities to adjacent layers or columns.

Some _________(8) are more susceptible to the effects of _________(9) than others.

Light aircraft are prone to be buffeted and are significantly affected even by light turbulence.

Relatively few reports of turbulence are received from fast military ____(10) which are designed to give a high degree of tolerance.

Turbulence will result in “bumpiness” in flight.

Of course, as the intensity of turbulence increases, its effect will increase in accordance with the ICAO categories.



Correct answers:

  1. aviation
  2. predict
  3. phenomena
  4. least
  5. phenomenon
  6. worst
  7. windshear
  8. aircraft
  9. turbulence
  10. jets

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