English TIPS Week 9

Good morning fellow travelers! Today we’re going to welcome our SDOP friends. Every week you will have some English TIPS in your mailbox. And if you have any suggestion about a piece of information you want to see here, feel free to tell us by sending a e-mail to alinebarrosamb@decea.mil.br. […]

English TIPS Week 8

Hi fellow travelers !   Today we’re going to talk about Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)                   WHAT IS IT?   ·         Airspace is no longer designated as purely “civil” or “military” airspace, but considered as one continuum (sequence) and allocated (attributed) according to user.           HOW DOES IT WORK?    Without FUA • Increase […]

English TIPS Week 7

Hi fellow travelers! If you thought we forgot about this week’s TIPS, you were wrong 😉  So here we go:   8 ways to try to improve your English language skills: -Watch movies in English; -Immerse yourself in English language news; -Have conversations in English; -Use your friends; -Ask a lot […]

English TIPS Week 6

Hello fellow travelers ! This week we’re going to remember/improve our airport vocabulary with a fill in the gap exercise: 1. The large building you go to to take a plane is called the __________. 2. The thing you have to wear when the plane takes off is called a […]

English TIPS Week 5

Hi fellow travelers! Just like last week, let’s see some more airport related questions, now using WH questions. WH questions are words we use when we make questions in English. We refer to these questions as WH questions because they usually start with a word that includes these letter W […]

English TIPS Week 4

Hi fellow travelers! Today we’re going to see some common sentences we use at the airport: Can I help you?   I would like to reserve a flight for Atlanta.   There’s an available flight at 19:30 pm.   Is it a direct flight? Is there a stop over?   […]

English TIPS Week 3

Hi Fellow Travelers ! This week’s TIPS are based on the Latest News about the delayed airline traffic across much of the U.S. nation this Wednesday (Jan 11th). Let’s see some pieces of News and it’s meanings: FAA system outage disrupts thousands of flights across U.S. Outage = A period of interruption. To […]

English TIPS Week 2

Hi fellow travelers,   Since last week we’ve had some tips about uncountable words … This week we’re going to see some examples of the countable ones:   Countable nouns are for things we can count using numbers. They have a singular and a plural form. The singular form can use the determiner “a” or […]

English TIPS Week 1

Hi Fellow Travelers ! Take a look at these 8 Words that have NO plural form: x Evidences x Feedbacks Evidence Feedback x Luggages x Informations Luggage Information x Equipments x Aircrafts Equipment Aircraft x Knowledges x Stuffs Knowledge Stuff Nesses casos devemos usar um quantificador (quantifier). São quantificadores de […]