English TIPS Week 6

Hello fellow travelers !

This week we’re going to remember/improve our airport vocabulary with a fill in the gap exercise:

1. The large building you go to to take a plane is called the __________.

2. The thing you have to wear when the plane takes off is called a ____   _____.

3. The things you put your clothes in and carry when you go on holiday are called _______.

4. The piece of paper that says your flight number and seat number is called a _______     ______.

5. The place in the airport where you show your ticket and leave your baggage is the _____  _____.

6. The place in the airport where you wait to board the plane is called the _______.

7. The part of the plane where you can keep your small bags and baggage is called the ____   ____.

8. The big electronic sign that shows flight details and gate numbers is called the ______    ______.

Now Check your vocabulary:

  1. Airport
  2. seat belt
  3. baggage
  4. boarding card/ticket
  5.  check-in desk
  6. Gate
  7. overhead locker
  8. departures board 


Hope you have remembered or learned some words.

 See you next week!

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