English TIPS Week 3

Hi Fellow Travelers !

This week’s TIPS are based on the Latest News about the delayed airline traffic across much of the U.S. nation this Wednesday (Jan 11th).

Let’s see some pieces of News and it’s meanings:

FAA system outage disrupts thousands of flights across U.S.

Outage = A period of interruption.

To disrupt = To cause disorder.

A computer glitch grounded thousands of flights across the United States on Wednesday morning with passengers facing delays and cancellations.

Glitch = Malfunction

To be grounded = To be forced not to fly, remain on the ground.

To face something = To deal with

The FAA instituted a nationwide pause on departures, known as a ground stop, for about 90 minutes Wednesday morning, but that order had been lifted by 9 a.m. ET.

The FAA lifted the ground stop on departing flights around 9 a.m. ET as it worked to restore the Notice to Air Missions system, which is responsible for sending messages to pilots, such as those about closed runways, hazards and other information.

It says that normal air traffic operations are now “resuming gradually” across the U.S.

Hazards = dangers


So, did it affect our country ?

…See you next week.

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