English TIPS Week 5

Hi fellow travelers!

Just like last week, let’s see some more airport related questions, now using WH questions.

WH questions are words we use when we make questions in English. We refer to these questions as WH questions because they usually start with a word that includes these letter W and H.

One important thing you need to know is: these questions require information. It is not simply a yes or no question.

Here are some examples of WH QUESTIONS: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN:

What’s your purpose for traveling?

What is your final destination?

What is the quickest way to get to London?

Where is the baggage claim?

Where is the check-in counter for _______ Airlines?

Where can I find a taxi?

Where is the departure gate?

When can I board the plane?

When can I check in for my fligh?

Can you remember some more examples?
… see you next week.

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