English TIPS Week 8

Hi fellow travelers !
Today we’re going to talk about Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)
                WHAT IS IT?
·         Airspace is no longer designated as purely “civil” or “military” airspace, but considered as one continuum (sequenceand allocated (attributed) according to user.


        HOW DOES IT WORK? 
Without FUA
• Increase in track miles or operating at flight levels that are not optimum cause:
  • Increased fuel burn
  • Increased carbon emissions
• Reduction in airspace capacity cause
  • Increase in ATC workload
  • Increase in cockpit workload
Utilizing FUA Concept


  1. Reduced fuel burn
  2. Reduced carbon emissions
  3. Increase in Airspace Capacity
  4. Reduction of complexity for ATCOs and Pilots 


  • … If you want to seach for more information, you can check on ICAO’s website.
  • See you next week!

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