English TIPS Week 32

Hi Fellow Travelers !
Today we’re going to talk about traveling.

What to know:

When it comes to spelling the forms of the verb travel,

  • traveled and traveling are more common in the U.S.,
  • and travelled and travelling are dominant everywhere else.
  • So It might have a different spelling wherever you’re going.

 Some interesting meanings of the word:

  • the activity of making journeys
  • movingfrom one place to another,  especially over a long distance.

Examples in a sentence:

  • “I am traveling to the U.S. for an important business conference next week.”
  • “I never go more than two days in a row without exercise even if I am traveling.”

Put the following in order of importance to you when you travel:

 Comfort             Safety             Price              Reliability            Speed

 Here is a list of things which irritate people when flying:

seats                trolleys                queues              luggage

room                 cancellations                food               jet

  1. Not enough leg room.
  2. Lost or delayed luggage
  3. Long queues at check-in
  4. Poor quality  food and drink
  5. No baggage trolleys available
  6. Overbooking of seats
  7. Flight delays and cancellations
  8.   jet – lag


P.S. The excercises were taken from the “Market Leader” course book.

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