English TIPS Week 33

Hello Fellow Travelers !

Listen to three people talking about their travel experiences. Then, choose which sentence was said by each speaker:

(  3   ) “They seem to treat passengers like just another piece of luggage to be moved around the world.”

(  1  ) “There are far too many seats on most planes, so there’s not enough legroom”

(  3  ) “What I really hate, though, is jet lag. It’s a big problem for me, as I travel a lot to the far East on business”

(  3  ) “I must be really unlucky because it seems I’m always a victim of lost or delayed luggage”

(  2  ) “Also, when I have a lot of luggage and there are no baggage trolleys around, it’s really inconvenient.”

(  1  ) “I’m not even particularly tall !”

(  1  ) “It’s all so processed and packaged, I just can’t eat it”

(  2  ) “What’s even more frustrating is when I do find a trolley and then see that the departure board is full of flight delays and cancellations”

(   1  ) “Also, the poor-quality food and drink you get on airlines annoys me.”

(  2   ) “Things like long queues at check-in irritate me”


Enjoy the rest of your week 😉

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