English TIPS Week 18

Hello fellow travelers!

How are you doing on this rainy day?

Complacency  is one of the Dirty Dozen that we’re going to talk about today, it can be described as a feeling of self-satisfaction accompanied by a loss of awareness (when you don’t know about it) of potential dangers.

         Let’s see some sentences with the word complacency:


  • Their arrogance and complacency is breathtaking (spectacular).


  • This dangerous complacency can’t go on (continue).


  • I despise (dislike) snobbery (arrogance), smugness (self-satisfied) and complacency.


  • There’s no game where he allows (authorizes) complacency, and that obviously helps.


Homework: On the New York Times’ website there are some cool games, try to play one of them.


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