English TIPS Week 24

Hi fellow travelers !

How have you been?

Today we have a different and very interesting activity:

Please watch the video, and after that, check in the text what you’ve heard.

video: Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy During Flight From Ghana To US (1)

  1. Flying over the Atlantic at 34,000ft,
  2. United Flight 997 took off from Ghana’s capital city of Accra, last Saturday, bound for Washington.
  3. During the 11 hour flight,
  4. a pregnant passenger,
  5. who was not due until the end of the month,
  6. went into labor.
  7. The pilot made an announcement calling for any medical personnel on board to come help out.
  8. A dermatology resident at the University of Michigan jumped into action.
  9. He was joined by a nurse from Dayton, Ohio, and a flight attendant who also is an R.N. (registered nurse).
  10. Together, they delivered a healthy baby boy right there next to the emergency exit as passengers sat in awe.

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