English TIPS Week 20

Hi Fellow Travelers!

Did you miss the TIPS?

I hope so!

Let’s talk about the three more  DIRTY DOZEN:

Pressure – We may come under pressure from the Company, from clients and even our colleagues. However, one of the most common sources of pressure is ourselves. We put pressure on ourselves by taking on more work than we can handle (deal with).

Fatigue – We can become fatigued following long periods of work and also following periods of hard work. As we become more fatigued our ability to concentrate, remember and make decisions reduces.

Norms – Workplace practices develop over time something called: “force of habit”. These practices can be both, good and bad, safe and unsafe; they are referred to as “the way we do things around here” and become Norms. Unfortunately such practices follow unwritten rules or behaviours, which deviate from the required rules.


Do you think Air Traffic Controllers work under pressure?

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