English TIPS Week 23

Hello fellow travelers !

 Can you describe your work environment?

  • your work place,
  • the people (colleagues, bosses, peers…)
  • the facilities (air conditioning, computers, changing room…)
  • the atmosphere (tense, formal, relaxed, laid back, informal…)


I work in an open office

there are about 20 of us

the facilities are pretty good, we have a comfortable breakroom (for coffee breaks)

the atmosphere’s pretty formal, because it’s a military area.

Possible follow-up questions:

  • Can you tell more about that?
  • Can you explain it better?

Possible aviation questions (taken from Santos Dumont English Assessment for Pilots):

  • In your opinion, what will aviation be like in the future?
  • Do you think there will still be two pilots in the cockpit? Why (not)?


Thank you for your attention and welcome new fellows!

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