English TIPS Week 12

Hi Fellow Travelers!
Today we’re going to talk about Drones, as a friend of ours suggested.
Did you hear about this incident that happened on Tuesday (March 14th)?
“Russian fighter jet forces down (to make a plane land) US drone over Black Sea”
“A Russian fighter jet struck (past of strike – hit) the propeller of a U.S. surveillance (monitoring) drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday”
“The White House national security spokesman (representative) John Kirby informed that U.S. State Department officials would be speaking directly with their Russian counterparts (correlatives, correspondents) and “expressing our concerns (worry, apprehension) over this unsafe and unprofessional intercept.”
“On this occasion, two Russian Su-27 fighter jets tried (attempt, test) to intercept the drone by flying in front and dumping fuel on top of it in an effort to blind (verb – deprieve of vision) or damage (verb – harm, destroy) it, US officials said.”
Hope you’ve enjoyed (appreciated)😊
See you next week.

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