English TIPS Week 13

Dear fellow travelers,

Today we’re going to see some non-formal expressions with the verb Let:

Deixa eu pensar                                         Let me think

Deixa eu fazer                                            Let me do it    

Deixa eu tentar                                          Let me try

Deixa eu explicar                                       Let me explain

Deixa eu te perguntar                              Let me ask you

Deixa eu dormir                                        Let me sleep

Deixa eu entrar                                         Let me in

Deixa eu sair                                              Let me out

Deixa eu ver                                              Let me see

Deixa eu adivinhar/ pensar                    Let me guess         


Let’s learn more about “let’s”:

  1. Sometimes the meaning is very close to “allow”, “permission”:

Let my people go. Allow or permit my people to go.

Let her speak! Allow her to speak.

      2. Let’s is actually the contraction of Let us. In the first and third person:

Let us see.

Let them eat cake.

      3. In the negative form:

Don’t let it happen again! Don’t allow it to happen again!


If you have any doubts, please let me know !

Extra TIP: Assista novamente à sua série favorita, só que desta vez em inglês com legenda em inglês também, assim você terá mais facilidade de entender e treinar seu inglês pois já assistiu à série.

See you next week !

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